Yes on Measure AF


Why are your neighbors voting yes on Measure AF? 

In 2015, the State of California passed historic legislation to regulate commercial cannabis. The cannabis industry is an important part of our economy and has had significant impacts on our watersheds and communities.

Regulation means that we can control the future of the industry, protect small local farms, keep corporate interests out, reduce black market activity, end trespass grows, and protect our environment.

Measure AF provides the most direct and cost-effective path to regulating our local medical cannabis industry while making Mendocino County’s rules consistent with state law.

Community stakeholders are committed to working with the Board of Supervisors and County Staff to continually improve our local legislation to ensure that all of our neighbors benefit from a safe, regulated cannabis industry.

What does Measure AF do?

  • AF enacts all of the State’s permit types and introduces unprecedented health, safety and employment standards for every part of the industry including: Cultivation, Nurseries, Transportation, Distribution, Dispensing, Lab Testing, and Manufacturing.
  • Repeals the 9.31 program and moves cannabis cultivation under the Department of Agriculture.
  • Applies the most stringent environmental standards for any agricultural product in the state.
  • Enacts a 2.5% tax on cannabis businesses to help fund much-needed mental health services, repair of county roads, and expansion of fire and emergency medical services.
  • Allows cannabis cultivation only in appropriate zones outside of incorporated cities, based on parcel size, slope, and a site specific water plan with no illegal water diversions.
  • Protects the County from costly lawsuits and saves taxpayer money.
  • Restricts flammable solvent extraction to industrial zones in approved facilities, reducing fire risk in our neighborhoods and forests.
  • Protects our small local farms from the corporate “green rush” with a 2 year residency requirement.

We encourage voters to say ‘yes’ to all three countywide cannabis tax measures on the ballot: Measures AF, AI, and AJ. Cannabis regulation and taxation will make Mendocino County safer and benefit our entire community, helping to fund enhanced mental health services, repair of county roads, and expand fire and emergency medical services.

The full version of Measure AF is available here (60 pages): Mendocino Heritage Initiative 2016

Quick Sheets: Excerpts from full policy (click title to download individually)
MHI Types of Permits for Commercial Cannabis Activity
MHI Limitations & Setbacks
MHI Zoning Chart