The Initiative

The Mendocino Heritage Initiative of 2016 – smart cannabis policy for a healthy community!


Ballot Initiative Policy Summary

Repeals 9.31 and 9.37 by introducing a more comprehensive regulatory framework for medical cannabis cultivation, processing testing, distribution, transportation, delivery and dispensing in the County of Mendocino;

Supports the State of California’s designation of cannabis as agriculture by moving regulation of industry under Department of Agriculture for permitting and enforcement of cultivation;

Revises the cultivation limits by allowing plant count and/or square footage of canopy and appropriately increasing the cultivation limits based on zoning and parcel size;

Provides a county tax base by implementing a 2.5% tax on medical cannabis and 5.0% proposed on non-medical;

Bridges a gap in MMRSA by allowing local transport by licensed entity between any two licensed entities within the County (e.g. cultivator from farm to local dispensary or lab);

Supports local cultivators and businesses by mandating majority ownership in an entity (51%) satisfy 2 year residency requirement;

Enacts civil code penalties for permit violation to be enforced by the Departments of Ag, Planning & Building, or Health & Human Services by imposing graduating fines on violations

Download the initiative here:

The full version of the Initiative is available here (60 pages): Mendocino Heritage Initiative 2016

Quick Sheets: Excerpts from full policy (click title to download individually)
MHI Types of Permits for Commercial Cannabis Activity
MHI Limitations & Setbacks
MHI Zoning Chart


Mendocino Heritage Initiative Steering Committee:

Jude Thilman
Justin Calvino
Noel Manners
Pebbles Trippett
Tim Blake

Contact us at mendocinoheritageinitiative [at] or use our Contact Page.