Preliminary Election Results for Measure AF & Call to Action

First, we want to acknowledge that the election results are not yet final and the outcome of AF is not decided.

In Mendocino County, there are 51,000 registered voters, and 41,566 mail-in ballots that have been sent out. That leaves around 9,000 voters who go to the polls. Mendocino County Assessor clerk Sue Ranochak said she hopes for at least a 70% turnout and the last 4 presidential elections have shown 70-80% voter turn out in the County.

The final election night report from Mendocino County were based on the 12,032 ballots counted at that time, which equals 23.58% of total registered voters. A 70% voter turn out would mean that there may be a minimum of 23,000 votes yet to be counted, upwards to a maximum of 39,000 at 100% turnout –  which may take the full 4 week canvassing period to count in full.

Of these 12,032 ballots counted, AF currently has: Yes 4,059 – 35.89%, No 7,251 – 64.11%.

What is not included in the above numbers: Vote by mail ballots that were mailed in by November 8, that have not yet been received or counted. Vote by mail ballots that were turned in at the polling places on Election Day. Provisional ballots cast at the polling station on Election Day.

Given that these early votes include some of AF’s strongest oppositional demographics, and that the huge number of yet to be counted mail in ballots represent much of our rural support base, we can say with confidence that Measure AF can still win.

We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of our thousands of supporters.

The work is far from done, we are now in a critical period, and we need your help. Several press releases, and even one of our electeds, 3rd district supervisor John McCowan have stated inaccurately that Measure AF has lost, in essence disenfranchising 2/3 of rural Mendocino County voters.

Absentee voters can check on the status of their ballots and make sure it was received by the County here:

We also ask that volunteers interested in participating as voter observers at the County Clerk Assessors office throughout the canvassing period, contact us by email at