Why I support Measure AF

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I ask you to consider voting for the local citizen’s initiative Measure AF, the Mendocino Heritage Act, to tax and regulate medicinal cannabis. I have never done this before… but I believe it is that important, considering the current political climate. With the imminent end of cannabis Prohibition, we need to protect our community from aggressive exploitation, loss of local lifestyle, vague regulations and corporate takeover. Plus, let’s get some taxes out of this industry, they seem to want to pay them.

I read some pretty nasty lies about AF, a lot from bureaucrats and politicians. Since it was a citizen/stakeholder initiative written by some good folks that I know, I wanted to look further.

It has been very difficult to get any rebuttals to the falsehoods published. So, I am writing this. I read the 50 plus pages this morning with my coffee. Whew! That sucker covers everything from crops to cash. It taxes and regulates all stages.

AF clearly defines legal medical cannabis industry requirements, restrictions and taxes in the unincorporated areas of Mendocino County.

AF will allow only our residents, who have lived here at least two years, to fully participate in this system, while preventing destabilizing, outside, big money influence and exploitation.

AF, creates clear rules, for the present and future medical cannabis industry that protect our peaceful way of life and our environment from over development and exploitation.

AF creates a framework under which farmers and product manufacturers pay fees and taxes, while conforming to strict Sate and local safety, water quality, environmental, and zoning regulations.

AF will encourage our multi generation community members, who have developed extraordinary medicinal cannabis strains, to come out of the shadows and become open, tax paying, regulated, proud members of Mendocino’s economic engine.

AF recognizes incorporated cities’ sovereignty to create their own regulations for medicinal cannabis and its products.

AF recognizes the ability for this initiative to be amended by the Board of Supervisors, after its first year and when deemed appropriate.

AF supports both the California Water Board’s, and the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board’s new and highly stringent laws for permitting cannabis grows.

AF supports strict California environmental laws regulating cannabis growing.

AF prevents vineyard or tobacco style corporate grows by limiting the maximum size of medical cannabis planting, like no other agricultural product in the state.  (Only on 20+acres; of appropriately zoned land, with setback restrictions, and 15% or less grade, the maximum size permitted grow is one acre.)

After the passage of AF and implementation of MCRSA – the state’s current MEDICAL CANNABIS REGULATION & SAFETY ACT – there will never have been a more restricted and monitored legal agricultural product in California history.

Join me in voting yes on Measure AF.

Maureen Martin
Fort Bragg, CA