Comptche Measure AF Town Hall

Monday October 10th, 6-8pm, Comptche Community Hall, 30672 Comptche-Ukiah Rd, Comptche

Please join in this community discussion of Measure AF – The Heritage Act, the local voter initiative on the November ballot to tax and regulate all commercial cannabis activity in unincorporated Mendocino County. This event features educational presentations, followed by audience Q&A. Light snacks and beverages will be served. More information about Measure AF can be found on, email:, phone: 707-200-8239.

Presenters include:

Jude Thilman Co-Founder of Dragonfly Wellness & Bhutan High CBD Cannabis Medicines, Steering Committee Member for The Mendocino Heritage Act – Measure AF

Jude Thilman has founded and directed 501(c)3 non-profit corporations and large-scale projects since 1986.  She brings 30 years’ experience in the management of complex, multi-dimensional projects and in the production of educational media, for which she has received national awards.  She comes from a life-long commitment to social change and has been an activist on behalf of many causes, including civil rights, gender and reproductive rights, peace and social justice campaigns, and many others.  She co-founded Dragonfly Wellness Center in 2011 and is herself a cannabis patient.  She strongly believes in health care as a human right and sees a return to traditional, herbal medicine as sounding the death knell for a “pharmaceuticals dominant” approach to resolving “dis-ease.” She is part of the team working to end cannabis prohibition by passing Measure AF in Mendocino County.

Justin Calvino serves on the Steering Committee of Measure AF, founder of The Mendocino Appellations Project and the executive director of Terroir Mendocino, a cannabis events company that hosts monthly cannabis farmer’s markets on the Mendocino Coast. Justin serves on the board of directors for The California Growers Association and the Mendocino Cannabis Industry Association. He is a regenerative economist who believes in the creative genius and local sovereignty of Mendocino. Justin works to shift public perception of cannabis, honor Mendocino’s unique cannabis heritage, and support farms, families and our community.

Sarah Bodnar Campaign Manager for Measure AF. Sarah a communications consultant and a local food advocate who has lived on the Mendocino Coast for nearly 11 years. She is the founder of Bison Media and Good Farm Fund, a graduate of Leadership Mendocino, and a board member at Economic Development & Financing Corporation. Sarah is passionate about supporting small farms and sustainable economic development. Sarah’s three main goals for the Mendocino Heritage Initiative are to give the voters of Mendocino County the historic chance to end prohibition, lift up the local economy, and begin healing the longstanding divide in our community around cannabis.

Genine Coleman Cannabis advocate and educator, a 12 year resident of Mendocino County and a life long appreciator of cannabis. Genine has a background in education and community organizing, and serves Mendocino County through her work with patients, cultivators, organizations and communities seeking to deepen their relationship with cannabis.

Randy Jacobszoon of Jacobszoon & Associates, Certified 3rd Party Inspector for the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Cannabis Cultivation Waste Discharge Program.

Due to the recent increase in Cannabis cultivation in the north coast region of California significant waste discharges and loss of in-stream flows have had a significant impact on the beneficial uses of water. As a result, the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, North Coast Region, has developed a program (Order No. 2015-0023) to provide water quality regulatory structure and to address poor water quality practices. This Order applies to any Landowner or operator cultivating Cannabis and associated activities on private land that results in the discharge of waste that could affect the waters of the State. The program is designed to meet the requirements of the Basin Plan, the California Water Code and the Clean Water Act.

The order mandates that cannabis cultivators growing 2000 sq ft or more of cannabis, or those cultivating lesser amounts within sensitive watersheds must enroll in the program, which is enforced through a multi agency joint task force, and noncompliance can include steep fines.

Since 1995 Jacobszoon and Associates has provided a wide range of professional forestry and land management consulting services to a diverse client base throughout northern California. Their expertise spans a wide range of professional services to provide solutions to complex  resource and land management projects for private land owners, conservation organizations, and government agencies.  With a focus on providing planning and management options tailored for the individual needs and goals of the client.