Radio: Measure AF Forum on The Cannabis Hour 9/22

On Thursday September 22nd, from 9 -10:30 a.m., KZYX will air The Cannabis Hour with host Jane Futcher. This special extended show will feature a Pro/Con Measure AF forum. Two members each from the Yes on AF and No on AF committees will participate in a discussion of Measure AF. The show will run an extra 30 minutes to allow plenty of time to discuss the issues and take calls.

Following opening statements reporter Valerie Kim and host Jane Futcher will ask questions and both sides will have about two minutes each to answer. Topics might include but won’t be limited to:

—Environmental protections

— Enforcement

—Needs/rights of small farmers

—Odor issues/Right to Farm Act

—Taxes and fees

—Zoning changes

—Amendments to the initiative

—The future of the cannabis industry in Mendocino County

For live streaming or to listen to the archived show click here: