Willits Weekly: A Look at the Cannabis Heritage Initiative



WILLITS WEEKLY | August 18, 2016

…..Sarah Bodnar, campaign manager for the Heritage Initiative, said she and the organization that worked to put the measure on the ballot – the Mendocino Heritage Initiative Committee – believe Measure AF is the right policy for bringing Mendocino County’s cannabis industry out of the shadows and into the open, where it can be regulated and taxed properly and fairly.

They also believe a more extensive policy will reduce the legal gray areas so prevalent now. “Without a comprehensive legal framework, it makes everything only ‘kind of legal’ that you do regulate,” she said. “If you’re a farmer, you can’t just farm your crop and then not move your product, sell your product, process your product.… It doesn’t make sense at all. Without all of the pieces, the whole industry can’t really survive…”

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