County Clerk verifies petition signatures: Mendocino Heritage Initiative eligible for November ballot!

We did it! On July 7, 2016, we received official notice from the Mendocino County Clerk-Recorder that the Mendocino Heritage Initiative collected enough valid signatures to qualify for the November ballot!

The Heritage Initiative is formally know as an “Initiative to regulate medical cannabis cultivation, processing, testing, distribution, transportation, delivery and dispensing.” Learn more and download the full text of the initiative here.

The Clerk will now submit the Heritage Initiative to the Board of Supervisors for their approval. The item will is on the Board’s agenda for Tuesday, August 2nd. At that meeting, the BOS can choose to adopt the Initiative and implement it as the new County ordinance, or they will put it on the ballot.

Happy Independence Day to all as we celebrate democracy in action. Join us on August 2nd to show your support for a safe, regulated cannabis industry!