VIDEO: Board of Supes Discusses Revisions to Medical Cannabis Ordinance

View the video below for coverage of yesterday’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting with discussion of revisions to the 9.31 Ordinance, plus public input.

With comments from Supervisors Brown, Gjerde, and Hamburg, the Board has now shifted its majority position on continued partial enforcement by the Sheriff’s Department and endorsed a full shift to the Department of Agriculture. This is a huge win for the cannabis community.

However, according to County staff, the bureaucratic process involved with approving the proposed changes may delay implementation until as late as October 2016 due to a potential EIR and/or CEQA review. This puts the industry in an incredibly vulnerable situation for this season. Staff have been instructed by the Board to explore options surrounding the creation of an Emergency Ordinance which could enact temporary change for this growing season. Stay tuned. We’ll be following this very closely and advocating for immediate action.