Community Recommendations for Amending 9.31 Ordinance


The Mendocino Heritage Initiative Committee 2106 presents the following comprehensive list of recommendations for amending the 9.31 Ordinance. These recommendations have been developed in collaboration with the Mendocino Chapter of California Growers Association (CGA) and are offered in response to the Ad Hoc Committee’s proposed changes, providing crucial community input on several areas of concern.

  1. Move all permitting and enforcement to the Department of Agriculture in 2016
  2. Including an “and/or” provision for outdoor cultivation areas which permits cultivation based on a plant count limit OR by canopy square footage
  3. Continuation of the Amnesty Program for Building Permits 
  4. Permitting multiple distinct residences per parcel
  5. Permits for parcels zoned Forestland and Timber Production
  6. Creation of a Cannabis Advisory Commission
  7. Making Nursery Permits available this year
  8. Revised Indoor Permits*
  9. Provision of a Type 3, 3A, and 3B Permit designated for Medical Research

You can download the full 9.31 Community Recommendations (pdf) and a chart with our recommendations for the new *Cultivation Permit Types (pdf).

We are currently working directly with several elected officials and county staff to revise policy and develop regulations that meet the community’s needs and maximize participation in the program.

This item is on the Board of Supervisor’s meeting agenda for Monday, April 18, 2016. We encourage the public to attend the meeting starting at 9am and we will have CGA t-shirts available that say, “I am a farmer,” and, “I love my farmer.” Contact us with questions, to reserve a T-shirt, or to support this advocacy effort.